Friday, September 18, 2009

New 4-Wheeler

Daddy is now officially as bad as me when it comes to buying stuff for Rylan. I get so excited in the toy aisle because I remember how much I loved a certain toy when I was little. I think...oh, Rylan's gotta have this. HaHa! Daddy came home with a large art easel and this cute little pink 4-wheeler. Rylan loves it...of course. She's been Daddy's Girl--BIG TIME--recently. If he is outside, she looks out the window and calls for him, DAD-DEEEE. It gets him everytime. She loves being outside and "helping" him.

Backing it up.
This one cracks me up. She's really getting into it.

Rylan also has this thing with shoes. She hated shoes when she was a baby. I couldn't even get her to wear them for her X-mas pictures. Now, she would wear shoes to bed, if we would let her. As soon as she sees shoes, she starts trying to put them on and says-SHOOOES.
She tries to wear my flip-flops, but gets so upset when they fall off when she walks. She has gotten really good at putting on her own shoes. She can even get them on the right feet. Here's a funny picture of her wearing Duane's shoes.

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