Friday, September 18, 2009

New 4-Wheeler

Daddy is now officially as bad as me when it comes to buying stuff for Rylan. I get so excited in the toy aisle because I remember how much I loved a certain toy when I was little. I think...oh, Rylan's gotta have this. HaHa! Daddy came home with a large art easel and this cute little pink 4-wheeler. Rylan loves it...of course. She's been Daddy's Girl--BIG TIME--recently. If he is outside, she looks out the window and calls for him, DAD-DEEEE. It gets him everytime. She loves being outside and "helping" him.

Backing it up.
This one cracks me up. She's really getting into it.

Rylan also has this thing with shoes. She hated shoes when she was a baby. I couldn't even get her to wear them for her X-mas pictures. Now, she would wear shoes to bed, if we would let her. As soon as she sees shoes, she starts trying to put them on and says-SHOOOES.
She tries to wear my flip-flops, but gets so upset when they fall off when she walks. She has gotten really good at putting on her own shoes. She can even get them on the right feet. Here's a funny picture of her wearing Duane's shoes.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Playhouse

We decided to get Rylan a playhouse since she loves being outside. She just loves it. We have such a big yard now and there's nothing back there. We are planning on getting a big swing set for Christmas. One day, we will have a pool put in.

She likes to put things on her head-then she says "AT", which is HAT. HaHa!

Taking a break on the patio

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Children's Museum

Here are some pictures from our trip to the Children's Museum. Rylan got to go with her Best Friend, Taylor. They had a great time.

Getting some groceries.

Hey look...I found a Chicken Leg...haha!
We rode the carousel before we left the mall. Rylan just loves it. I feel like I am going to die the entire time.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Fishing Trip

For my birthday this year, Grammy got us the lake house in the French Quarter where she works. It's a gorgeous home right on the lake. Pops bought a new boat, so it was the first time we got to check it out. We took Rylan out for her first boat ride and she loved it. The next morning, we went out fishing. Duane and I had boat her a baby princess pole. Duane helped her catch fish and she thought it was the best. Her favorite thing to do was to catch the minnows and throw them back in the water. Pops didn't like that very much at all. HAHA!
We also took her to the pool. They had a baby section so she could stand, but she wanted to hold on to Grammy most of the time. We had a great time.

Waiting for Pops to get the boat.

Pops in his crazy outfit. He's afraid to be exposed to the sun.
Reeling in "BIG DADDY"

Getting ready to go to the pool.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun day outside

I got Rylan a splashpad. Her friend, Taylor, has one and she just loved it. Here are some pictures of her playing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rylan's starting to talk

These last two weeks, Rylan has been starting to say more words. She understands everything that we say to her, but she never said much back, except for random babble. For the longest time, the only words she said was DaDa, Momma, Pops and Stop. She can now say Puppy, Kitty, Apple (sounds more like App-poo), Up, Hop, Cheese (for when she smiles at the camera) and Sit. Yes, it's Sit for sure. Duane looked at me crazy the first time she said it, but she tells her babies to sit in the stroller. She also says Baby and MeMe, which we figured out, is her. She says MeMe Baby, which I think means she's the baby. She just started saying Mine after this weekend. Probably because she was letting Cade have it when he would take her baby or stroller. She also can make the sounds for Puppy, Kitty, Sheep, Cow and Horse. Books and her babies are her favorite things. She will carry as many babies as possible, then lay them all down for a nap. She spends hours pushing them around in a stroller and wrapping them up in a blanket. She's so sweet because she gives them a kiss and pats them on the back. She waves to just about anyone and blows them kisses.

She started her new class at Primrose this week. Even though, she's only 16 months, they decided to move her up to the 18-25 month old class. She didn't do well at all in the 12 month class. I think the kids were too young. Most of them were crying the whole time, could barely walk and had no interest in playing with Rylan. She cried so much every time I left her. I just hated it. She has been doing great in the new classroom. She didn't even cry about being dropped off. The kids all sit at the table in the morning waiting for flash cards or a story. There isn't any crying and it's much more calm. This morning, she actually walked in holding my hand. I didn't have to carry her in and force her to stay. She was even waving to the ladies at the front desk. I think she will enjoy this class more and learn more.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rylan's First Trip to the Frio River

We spent 4 days at Frio River with Grammy, Pops, Aunt Robin and Cade. Rylan had a great time.

On the way to the frio.

Playing with Cade in the park.

She thought it was so funny to hide behind the clothes we had hanging on the porch.

Gotta have some John Deere tractors when your at the Frio.

We couldn't leave the baby Jackie and her stroller at home. That had to come to the Frio, too. You should have seen our cars.
Rylan learned how to blow bubbles. She says, "Bubb Bubb". Which I guess that means more bubbles.

Cade and Rylan floating the frio.